Circular knives, involute blades and industrial knives for the food processing industry

The consistency of a particular food product, the product design as well as the hygiene standards and the processing environment define the requirement parameters for the perfect cutting solution. The range of application expertise at ALFRED GIESSER MESSERFABRIK is wide: fish, white and red meat, sausage, kebab, bacon, cheese & dairy products, vegetables, vegan substitutes, confectionery, bread & baked goods.

Our industrial knives for your needs

• Circular knives • Round knives • Long knives • Cross knives • Slicer knives • Derinding Knife • Involute blades • Perforation knives • Flat knives • Spiral knives • Kebab knives • Cutting hole plates • Skinning Blade • Chop cutter blade • Cutt off Blades • Portioning Blades • Deboning Blades  

Product configurations

Hardenable corrosion resistant tool steels
High-alloy tool steels
High Speed Steel (HSS)
Powder metallurgy steels (PM)
Cemented carbide
High performance ceramics

Through hardening
Edge hardening
Surface hardening
Indented gearing
Schaft gearing
Slots gearing
Groove gearing
Special gearing

One-sided or two-sided main chamfer
Radius chamfer
Counter chamfer
Offset chamfers
Toothed blade
Laser cut, eroded or polished profiles
Straight, curved or diagonal bevels
90° cutting edges with clearance angle

Vibratory finishing

Hard chrom

A story based on success

Analyzing Challenges

Designing Solutions

Creating Excellence

We were able to help a market leader in mozarella slicing machines to drastically reduce its risk of knife breakage. Machines used in the USA are cleaned with an excessive chlorine consistency, deviating from the cleaning recommendations of the machine manufacturer. This occasionally led to blade breakage and to a high economic loss for the producer, since the complete production batch had to be destroyed due to contamination with metal particles. The Engineers from ALFRED GIESSER MESSERFABRIK were able to significantly improve the wear properties and corrosion resistance with a modified material as well as an innovative hardening process - while maintaining the maximum hardness.

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