Tray-Sealers, circular knives & special machine knives for the packaging industry

All goods that need to be protected hygienically or from transport damage must be packaged. For that, a wide range of packaging materials are used: composite packaging made of several materials or mono-packaging materials such as paper, cardboard, polypropylene or bio-based plastic, aluminum or tinplate. Each of these materials has a different abrasive effect on a machine blade. Numerous packaging machine manufacturers rely on the high product quality of ALFRED GIESSER MESSERFABRIK to ensure long service lives for the producer and thus maximum daily production output.

Our industrial knives for your needs

• Circular knives • Round knives • Long knives • Cutting lines • Tray-Sealer • Machine knives • Euro-hole punching knives • Punching knives 
Serrated knives • Zigzag knives • Interchangeable serrated knives • Knives with high-low serration

Product configurations

Hardenable corrosion resistant tool steels
High-alloy tool steels
High Speed Steel (HSS)
Powder metallurgy steels (PM)
Cemented carbide
High performance ceramics

Through hardening
Edge hardening
Surface hardening
Indented gearing
Schaft gearing
Slots gearing
Groove gearing
Special gearing

One-sided or two-sided main chamfer
Radius chamfer
Counter chamfer
Offset chamfers
Cutting edge toothed
Laser cut, eroded or polished profiles
Straight, curved or diagonal bevels
90° cutting edges with clearance angle

Vibratory finishing

Hard chrom

A story based on success

Analyzing Challenges

Designing Solutions

Creating Excellence

The worldwide rethinking of the recyclability of packaging materials has led to the development of new mono-packaging materials. This is particularly noticeable in the output of thermoforming packaging machines or flow wrappers. But also at the point of sale: the packages are more difficult for the customer to open. A leading global confectionery manufacturer approached ALFRED GIESSER MESSERFABRIK with this task. By changing the cutting design, the cutting geometry and the hardness of the material used, our engineers were able to help very quickly and increase long-term the cutting accuracy of the machine knife.

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