Circular Knives, Splitting Knives & Special Industrial Blades for the Plastics Industry

Scraper knives, deburring knives, grooving knives or disc knives are used in the processing of rubber and caoutchouc. Different consistencies ‒ solid, soft, tough or with inserted fabric - require suitable cutting solutions. Tires, belts, conveyor belts, hydraulic hoses or seals are processed with our industrial knives.

Our industrial knives for your needs

 • Splitting knife • Circular knife • Round knife • Deburring knives • Groove knife

Product configurations

Hardenable corrosion resistant tool steels
High-alloy tool steels
High Speed Steel (HSS)
Powder metallurgy steels (PM)
Cemented carbide
High performance ceramics

Through hardening
Edge hardening
Surface hardening
Indented gearing
Schaft gearing
Slots gearing
Groove gearing
Special gearing

One-sided or two-sided main chamfer
Radius chamfer
Counter chamfer
Offset chamfers
Toothed blade
Laser cut, eroded or polished profiles
Straight, curved or diagonal bevels
90° cutting edges with clearance angle

Vibratory finishing

Hard chrom

A story based on success

Analyzing Challenges

Designing Solutions

Creating Excellence

In order to reduce greenhouse emissions, the European Union issued a mandatory recycling regulation. A leading machine manufacturer in the recycling industry developed a system with the purpose of separating the window glass from the window frame. This process was challenging because the window glass and window frame were connected with a rubber seal for a period
of 30 to 70 years and kept sticking together despite separation. The ALFRED GIESSER MESSERFABRIK egineers were able to develop a circular knife with grooves which allowed the introduction of a non-stick liquid during the rotational separation process and thus successfully prevented the glass from sticking together again.

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